Sold as prescription meds by dealers or on the dark web, also sold as "Pills", "Tabs" and "Tablets".

Strawberry Meth

Multi-coloured tablets that look like sweets.

Strawberry Meth
Cannabis Pills

Small brown tablets containing high level of THC.


Blue tablets 10mg strength around £3 per pill (GP’s prescribe 2mg and max of 4 tablets).


White or red tablets bigger than paracetamol or bar like shape.


(Ecstasy) Pale brown tablets around £5 per pill. Dutch Pills can contain 25mg MDMA which can be very powerful and/or deadly. Also known as Cola MDMA or Cola Magic.

All of the above can cause illness or death… Just because you’re getting them from your mates or your dealer does NOT make them safe. Prescription meds are regulated and prescribed by GP’s and are Illegal without prescription!