evolve is a not for profit organisation working with young people and adults

We provide preventative education, early intervention, counselling, family support and  training for professionals in relation to the abuse of former Legal Highs, especially Volatile Substances.

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Family Support

Professional Training

The Facts & Figures

Number of deaths every year in the UK related to sniffing volatile substances
In 1 year 67% of VSA deaths had no evidence of previous abuse.
Between 2007 & 2012 deaths involving Helium rose from 2 to 42

Evolve has been shortlisted for the
Community First Recognition Award 2018!

Alison Hodgson

About us

Alison Hodgson has spent many years as a qualified counsellor and educator in the field of VSA and has personal experience of the consequences of substance abuse when she learned of her 23 year old nephew's drug related murder in  2007.

Sadly in early 2012 she further experienced the consequences of former Legal Highs when her 14 year old great nephew, was hospitalised due to the abuse of “Legal Highs’.

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