evolve: about us

evolve is based in the North West of England.

evolve is a not for profit organisation working with young  people and adults.

We provide preventative education, early intervention,  counselling, family support and  training for professionals  in relation to the abuse of former Legal Highs, especially Volatile Substances.

This Morning Interview with Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby (26/05/2016)

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This short video explains why we care so much about education.

Brilliant News. The PH Holt Foundation has today awarded Evolve a grant of £6,000 which will enable Evolve to provide 120 awareness raising sessions which will reach up to 10,000 more young people across the Merseyside Area.

The project is needed to raise the profile of the dangers to young people of former Legal Highs. Substance abuse can cause death, life changing illness, crime and anti social behaviour. Currently we provide the only independent advice and support project locally. As former Legal Highs were legal until the recent change to legislation, young people believe them to be safe and are openly using them, congregating in public places and encouraging others to use them, causing a nuisance to the local population.

This will enable further sessions to be provided to Young People at risk of using these substances and the benefits of this project should be felt right the way across the community by supporting Young People to say no, reducing anti-social behaviour and increasing levels of educational attainment and improving health.

This is excellent news for our community here on Merseyside a big thanks to the PH Holt Foundation. Thank You from all at Evolve! Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Did you know:

•  VSA  kills on average one person every week in the UK.

•  In 2009 in 67% of VSA deaths there was no evidence of previous abuse.

•  In 2009 46 deaths were due to Helium—these figures are not included in the Official VSA Report.

•  Drug takers, especially young ones, truly believe that these substances are harmless because they hide behind the label of legal highs.

•  Around 700 websites will happily supply different types of Legal Highs to anyone without giving health warning.

•  The number of new substances coming into the country is now up to about 75 a year, compared with one or two five years ago.

evolve provides a unique holistic and specialist service tackling issues in relation to the abuse of Legal Highs especially Volatile Substances.

Our service aims to prevent or reduce such abuse by young people and adults by encouraging a healthy lifestyle, and increasing their life skills with the provision of effective Volatile Substance Abuse (VSA) preventative education.

In addition we offer early intervention, awareness for parents, training for professionals, with the added value of access to counselling for those who may be abusing these substances and family support or counselling.

Anyone requiring counselling or family support is guaranteed to be seen within seven working days from initial contact.

All service for young people, adults and their families are free of charge
Alison Hodgson: 074 4947 7737
Barbara Skinner MBE 078 4133 0842